The Star Wars original film came out in 1977 as a blockbuster space opera that gave rise to a new pop-culture phenomenon across the globe. Considering the fan base, it is evident that various Star Wars chess game sets with different themes are in demand. It’s important you learn more about the best Star Wars chess sets before you head out to buy your own.

Chess is a famous indoors fun game of two players with many benefits, including the development and enhancement of cognitive brain functions. One of the best Star Wars chess sets is the Star Wars Chess Game owing to its brilliantly designed Star Wars-themed chess pieces.

The Best Star Wars Chess Sets in 2022

To help you narrow down your research, here we have listed some of the best Star Wars chess sets. Have a look!

Star Wars Chess Game

The Star Wars chess game set by Hasbro Gaming is a budget set for Star Wars fans who love to play chess. The dimensions of the set are 2.52 inches in length, 15.75 inches in width, and 10.51 inches in height. The parts are made up of plastic and should be carefully stored.

The new Star Wars series brings joy and freshness to fans, and people love to have a Star Wars Chess game set to experience being part of their beloved movie series. The Star Wars chess game set by Hasbro gives you that feeling as it has characters as chess pieces from different movies.

All thirty-two chess pieces of the Star Wars chess game are set to look like Star Wars characters. Instructions for playing and handling the Star Wars chess game set are available within the set. The chess pieces are of two colors, black and silver; black-colored chess pieces represent imperial characters like Darth Vader and Boba Fett. In contrast, the silver pieces play for rebel characters, such as R2-D2 and Han Solo.

The game set is portable but should be carefully handled so no pieces end up misplaced. The chess set is suitable for young children and beginners, as long as they are above the recommended minimum age of 7.

Chess players can improve creative skills, develop and improve problem-solving abilities, and enhance memorization skills. The Star Wars chess game set makes the game more interesting for players and is highly in demand among people of all ages and fans of Star Wars.

The bases of each character have symbols on them for Queens to Kings to knights. The characters are brilliantly designed, although we found some pieces to be too heavy and prone to tipping over.


Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set

The Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set by Hasbro is ideal for playing chess with Star Wars characters as your chess pieces. This set includes the game board and has chess pieces in two different colors – white and black – to represent two teams.

Playing chess using the Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set generates a feeling of joy. Individuals of ages eight and above can play chess using this set. The dimensions of the Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set are 2.3 inches in length, 11.4 inches in width, and 15.4 inches in height. It weighs 4.26 pounds and is portable, making it a great companion for road trips and picnics.

The Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set chess pieces are made up of a semi-plastic material and are around 3 inches in height. The chess pieces represent various characters from different Star Wars movies, such as Kings to Queens to Knights. The Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set encourages imagination and boosts the creative skills of young players improving the functioning of the brain. The realistic Star Wars inspired design of the chess pieces increase the fun of playing chess tenfold.


Star Wars Episode I Electronic Galactic Chess

The Star Wars Episode I Electronic Galactic Chess set from Tiger comes with a computerized chess board designed for two players. The dimensions of this chess set are 15.4 inches in length, 11.7 inches in width, and 2.5 inches in height.

Anyone above the age of seven can play chess using the Star Wars Episode I Electronic Galactic Chess set. The set weighs only 3.2 pounds. Beginners and experts all find this set good for having fun while playing chess games as characters from Star Wars.

The electronic table base can save the game in memory and has 421 levels for players. With an in-built teaching system, setting combinations for 2521 levels, and a truly superior user-friendly design, the Star Wars Episode I Electronic Galactic Chess game set is worth the money. The booklet provides instructions for handling, using, and playing chess on the electronic galactic chessboard.

This chess set is solely designed around Star Wars Episode 1 and has five different playing styles. It is fun to play battles between good and evil forces. The game is played between the black king and the silver king, Yoda and Darth Sidious.

The teaching system makes this set the best for beginners. The electronic board has another feature: taking back moving functions and a mate-in-two problem-solving. You can learn and have fun while playing chess on the Star Wars Episode I Electronic Galactic Chess set.

Moreover, the demand for Star Wars-themed chess sets has immensely increased and we expect these games to be sold out very soon, so get your hands on one while there’s still time. Pick one of the two sides and begin the game with your chess partner!


Ready for Holochess?

Star Wars fans will be glad to know that the imaginary Holochess game played initially in the original Star Wars movie 1977 will soon be available for you to play. This game was seen being played by the characters in Star Wars: A New Hope Movie. Holographic technology enables the production of three-dimensional images and gives an experience quite close to reality. You will be able to experience the ultimate joy of holochess without using the AR headset. Apple users can play holochess for free by downloading the app on their Apple devices.

As the new series of Star Wars movies has caught the eye of a new generation with new twists and turns in the plot, there has been an increased interest in the Star Wars series. People are captivated by the idea of playing the holographic holochess for an extraordinary experience of their two favourite modes of entertainment.

Holochess is similar to traditional chess but has some differences. Apple users who are fans of Star Wars can enjoy holochess as ARKit compatibility is added, allowing iPhones and iPads with iOS11 to have full access to the holochess game mode. This game mode allows you to play 18 levels across six planets and has eight unlockable creatures; you can play this monster chess without wearing a heavy headset directly from your Apple device. However, you need the Lenovo Mirage AR headset, lightsaber controller, and tracking beacon to access other game modes of Holochess.

star wars holochess

What to Look for in a Star Wars Chess Set?

When selecting a Star Wars Chess Set, it is essential to consider a few factors. These include:

Your Favorite Star Wars Characters

Since the beginning of Star Wars culture, multiple characters have been through the eyes of fans. Different Star Wars movies have different characters representing the good and evil forces. The battle between light and dark and the imperials and rebels have been part of the Star Wars movies.

Each piece of a Star Wars chess set personifies the role, action, costume, and many other factors of a character that attract fans. There are so many characters in total that it is impossible to fit them on a single chessboard. Being a Star Wars fan, you must have been a die-hard fan of some characters. It is best to select a Star Wars chess set with the character you love because having your most favorite character on board as your chess piece doubles the joy of playing chess.


The selection of a chess set also depends on the set’s price. It is advisable to set out a budget for your chess game and then stick to it, so you can enjoy your game without feeling guilty about any extravagance. However, do keep in mind that cheaper products may not be as durable, so try looking for high-quality material at a reasonable price.


When purchasing a Star Wars Chess set to play with your chess partner, go for features that you like the most. Choosing an advanced computerized chess board rich in features such as the Star Wars Episode 1 Electronic Galactic Chess Set is suitable for you if you like the idea of chess and technology paired together.

star wars chess table

Similarly, if you want a simple traditional Star Wars Chess set without many extra features, then a basic Star Wars Chess set with your regular board and pieces will be best for you. Play with it when you like, and keep it as a decorative piece in your room when it is not being used. For enthusiasts like this, selecting a basic Star Wars chess set is a better option than spending heavily on an advanced Star Wars chess set with features that you don’t even want.

Before purchasing, consider the factors above and then select the most satisfactory Star Wars chess set to have fun with while playing chess with family members or friends. It is important to select a Star Wars Chess set of high quality, with your desired features, and at a reasonable price so that you can experience the joy of playing the Star Wars Chess game whenever and wherever you want.


All the above Star Wars Chess game sets are the best of the best, so you can confidently choose any of them. If you want to select a lightweight and uniquely designed chess set with Star Wars characters with symbols of kings, queens, and knights, go for the Star Wars chess game set by Hasbro.

Meanwhile, choose the Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set if you want chess pieces portraying a realistic image of Star Wars characters. If simple board games don’t cut it for you, give a shot to the Star Wars Episode I Electronic Galactic Chess. And finally, keep your fingers crossed for Holochess to launch so you can experience the Star Wars and chess crossover in all its glory.