Playing chess with a set of luxury chessmen and a good chess board grabs the interest of players and makes them delve into the aesthetics of the game. A luxurious-looking chess set also serves as a decorative item that reflects the owner’s sophisticated interior designing taste.

So, if you’ve become bored of all the traditional chess sets, it’s time you look into some luxury sets. Read on to know some of the most iconic chess sets ideal for adding an element of fashion to your game. In the end, we’ve also included some tips that will help you make a well-informed purchase.

A luxury chess set is one that includes a stylish chessboard and pieces crafted in exquisite designs. It encompasses a classic appearance aimed to complement the interior in a more pronounced way. The Roman Gladiators 3D chess set is such an option. The material used to manufacture a luxury chess set is also of excellent quality and offers a long lifespan despite frequent use.

Best Luxury Chess Sets

Since thousands of brands have been producing high-end chess sets, it can become quite difficult to pick just one. To help you out, we have made a list of the best luxury chess sets that are suitable for different people; be it travelers, aesthetes, professionals, or beginners. So, let’s not waste time and jump into the unbiased reviews mentioned below.

ZXYY Chess Set Solid Wood Chess Set

Designed in a traditional look, this chess set is no less than a luxury. The chessboard features natural wood as the construction material, which means it’s going to be highly durable and you can expect it to last long.

Pieces of this set are made from resin and pose no harm to the environment because of their eco-sustainable material. You can also use this set around kids and pets without any fear. Each chess piece is designed as a crusader representing its respective original symbol or character in the game. The best part about these pieces is they incorporate a smooth base that prevents unpleasant sounds when you move them. Also, the chessboard remains scratch-free even after years, thanks to the resourceful base.

Losing a single piece means you have to buy another set. Therefore, each piece should be stored carefully to keep the set intact and complete. This is why this chessboard comes with a spacious compartment dedicated to storing all the pieces in one place when not in use. This makes the set super portable as well. All you need to do is to gather pieces inside the chessboard and place the set in your bag, and you are good to go!


16.25” Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set

If you are looking for a high-end chess set adorned with amazing detailing and design, then this product will surely impress you. This is a luxury chess set in its truest sense. The chessboard features a transparent glass surface marked with white and black check squares. Made from durable glass, this surface is ideal for rugged use.

This glass sheet sits snugly on a unique 3D base imparting a vintage vibe. On the resin base, you will find a dramatic depiction of Roman culture in the form of an amphitheater carved by high-profile artisans. With solid construction, the chessboard allows you to get your money’s worth out of it while you fight for glory on the glass checkerboard suspended over the Coliseum.

Instead of the traditional black and white pieces, the chessmen that come with this set are available in bronze and silver colors. All the pieces in this set are made from pewter, which adds to its durability and beauty. All the figures in this set are historically accurate and are crafted to depict the trials and tribulations faced by the Roman Gladiators.

Choosing this chess set will not only uplift your game experience but will also keep you entertained with its highly detailed replica of the iconic amphitheater.


Luxury Handmade Chess Set

Characterized by a simple yet elegant design, this chess set is a must-have for chess lovers. This chessboard is made with the finest quality wood and ensures long-lasting service. The transparent varnish on the surface helps keep scratches away and provides a smooth luster. The rustic brown tint that you see all over the chessboard is not paint but comes from natural wood colors. Moreover, handmade Walnut and wooden mosaic patterns adorn the surface in order to provide embellishment for this chessboard.

The chessmen feature heavy-duty metal construction, which is designed to stay undamaged for years. Each piece is beautifully crafted to depict its character. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the storage of these pieces, as the chessboard has enough space to accommodate all the pieces safely.

Whether you are a globe-trotter or fond of decorating your house with antique items, this luxury handmade chess set won’t disappoint you. Also, it would be the best gift you can ever give to a business associate or chess-loving friend on special occasions.


Soviet Inspired Brass Metal Luxury Chess Pieces & Board Set

We find this product unique because of its royal appearance and sturdy build. The set consists of a chessboard and 32 pieces sorted into two sets. The edges and squares of the chessboard exhibit carved images of Asian elephants. The carving of elephant figures gives the set a traditional touch. Thus, if you are interested in investing in an archetypal chess set, you should get your hands on this Soviet Inspired luxury set.

The pieces of this set boast a sheen finish on top of a metal construction. The pieces are broad at the bottom and slimmer at the top. Each piece in this set is felt-equipped, which helps to improve the stability while keeping the board protected from scratches and abrasion.

With minimal design, this chess set stands out as a great home décor accessory. You can style your luxury chess table, library, office, living room, and corridor using this set as a showpiece. Since it comes with a separate red-colored storage box, keeping the pieces organized is not a hassle.


Infinity 17.3” Lucite Chess Set Luxury and Premium Quality

The high-quality lucite luxury of this chessboard sets it apart from other chess sets available. The chessmen boast an eye-catching design and are hand-polished to give a remarkable finish. The pieces of this set are rectangular-shaped lucite blocks through which you can see the reflection of each symbol.

With the help of cutting-edge techniques, a protective and glossy finish is layered on the exterior surfaces of all six sides. For additional safety, the pieces have been laminated with scratch- and abrasion-resistant coatings. As a result, the pieces acquire a crystal-like appearance, a silky finish, and great durability as well. Despite the rigid construction, this item weighs only 16.96 pounds.

This product is best suited for those who are new to this game and want to explore aesthetics in the chess set. From the board to the pieces, everything is of high quality and boasts an attractive design. If you don’t mind pushing the limit of your budget, you should consider adding this set to your collection.

Lucite Chess Set Luxury

Features to Look For in a Luxury Chess Set

A high-end chess set is already known for having versatile features. Still, there are certain aspects that matter a lot and can even render your purchase useless if ignored. We’ve mentioned the most crucial aspects below so that you don’t end up making the wrong choice!

Luxury Chess Materials

Chess sets last longer if they are backed by durable material. Before deciding on the material, you need to keep in mind the intended purpose since it will help you determine the most appropriate material.

If you are a professional player, then it is best to look for practicality, which comes with durable material. Wood, pewter, and marble chess sets would be ideal in such a case. These materials are quite heavy, but they are highly durable. Glass chess sets look luxuriously charming but should be handled with extra care. Such items seem to be more suited for decorative purposes. Plastic chess sets are good for novice players and quite affordable as well but they don’t have a fashionable appearance.

Craftsmanship of Luxury Chess Pieces

The idea of a luxury chess set revolves around rich colors, appealing designs, and artistic detailing crafted on all the pieces. Fancy-looking chess pieces and chess board placed on a luxury chess table speak highly of the owner’s premium style sense. So, look for pieces offering a deluxe style when combined with a matching chessboard.

Some pieces represent the symbols associated with them, whereas some resemble the picture of their character. So, opt for sets that come with stylish and well-designed pieces. The design of each piece should be distinguishable so that you don’t make a wrong move by discerning a piece mistakenly.



High-end chess sets usually come with hefty price tags, primarily because of the high-quality craftsmanship. Everything, including the design, material, artistic themes, and innovative features, increases the costs. The more you invest, the more luxurious the product will be. Thus, you have to set a certain budget while searching for a luxury chess set. But keep in mind that luxury chess sets are not available at low costs. So, if you find one at very affordable prices, beware of its quality.


A game of chess shows your decision-making expertise, but a set of chess shows your love for the game. Playing with a dull-looking chess set can make you lose interest. Similarly, a nice-looking luxury chess set can boost your sportsmanship spirit effortlessly. Other than this, luxury chess sets also give a modish look to the area where you place it. By investing a little more, you can make a significant addition to your home décor collection and enjoy its aesthetics during the game. If vintage culture fascinates you, there are also many options available that incorporate Roman and Greek themes.

Remember, before you make a purchase, you need to look for three things. First, be sure of the quality of the material. Then check the design of the chessmen. Pieces enriched with 3D detailing and protective finish tend to be a good luxury option but good craftsmanship adds to the cost. Thus, you have to consider your budget as well.