What is the Best Luxury Chess Set?

Playing chess with a set of luxury chessmen and a good chess board grabs the interest of players and makes them delve into the aesthetics of the game. A luxurious-looking chess set also serves as a decorative item that reflects the owner’s sophisticated interior designing taste. So, if you’ve become bored of all the traditional chess sets, it’s time you look into some luxury sets. Read on to know some of the most iconic chess sets ideal for adding an…

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How Many Pieces Are in a Chess Set?

Chess is one of the oldest games introduced in the 6th century. Since its inception, this game has gone through many changes in terms of the number, names, designs, and meanings of its game pieces. A game of chess demands the utmost focus of mind. To be fully in control of your craft, it is vital to understand each piece’s function, value, and movements. The modern chess set has a total of 32 pieces sorted as two sets of 16…

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How to Set Up a Chess Board?

Chess is a game that many people are familiar with, either because they have played it themselves or because they are interested in learning about it. Apart from that, it has been around for centuries, and although the game itself has just a few rules, it can be exceedingly complicated. So, if you are interested in learning how to play the game, the first thing that you need to know is how to set up a chessboard. Start by placing…

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May The Force Be With You! – Which is the Best Star Wars Chess Set?

The Star Wars original film came out in 1977 as a blockbuster space opera that gave rise to a new pop-culture phenomenon across the globe. Considering the fan base, it is evident that various Star Wars chess game sets with different themes are in demand. It’s important you learn more about the best Star Wars chess sets before you head out to buy your own. Chess is a famous indoors fun game of two players with many benefits, including the…

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